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Dry BulkDry BulkDry Bulk Dry Bulk

Port Sultan Qaboos is a multi-purpose port and any of the commercial deep-water berths with drafts ranging from 9.1 to 13 metres are suitable for handling dry bulk cargo.

Berth-2 with its 13 metres draft is equiped to handle bulk grain carriers. It has an underground conveyor connected to grain silos. With the rated capacity for grain discharge of 500 tonnes an hour and backed by grain silos with storage capacity of 120,000 tonnes, an average of 12,000 tonnes per day can be discharged.

Berths 7 & 8 are 366 metres long with a draft of 9.1 metres and are used to berth vessels carrying cement. With a rated designed capacity of 200-250 tonnes per hour, coupled with silos of storage capacity of 14,500 tonnes, an average of 5,000 tonnes per day can be discharged.

Berth-3 is 228 metres long withh draft of 10.2 metres long designed to handle general-purpose vessels, supported by an adjacent covered shed and necessary cargo handling equipment. However, this berth is used for dry bulks such as clinker and bauxite etc, which are mechanically discharged by grabs.

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