Port Facilities

Facilities Overview
Non-Containerized Cargo
Cruise Terminal
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Facilities Overview

Port Facilities

Port Services Corporation (S.A.O.G) strives continuously to provide Port Facilities that increases productivity, efficiency and assures a hassle free experience leading to customer satisfaction. Port Sultan Qaboos (PSQ) offers a number of facilities designed for handling passengers and cargo.

  • Deep Drafted Berths
  • Navigational Aids And Facilities
  • Ample Covered and Open Storage Space
  • Range Of Container & Cargo Handling Equipment View details.
  • Cruise Terminal Facilities
  • State-of-the-Art Technologies
Facilities at a glance

The facilities empower our customers to move different types of cargo through the port.  The port provides efficient round-the-clock service ensuring quick turn a round. Round-the-Clock-Pilotage services. With its extensive and modern facilities, Port Sultan Qaboos has made its mark in the International Shipping Circle. 

Areas of the Port
Port Layout
  • Water front: 545,968 m2 
  • Land side: 615,270 m2
  • Covered storage space: 16,545 m2
  • Open storage space: 274,300 m2


Service to Vessels

There are specialized terminal facilities to accommodate different types of vessels such as container, non-containerized multi-purpose cargo carriers, Pure Car Carriers, Live Stock Carriers and bulk – Liquid / Dry carriers, cruise vessels, naval vessels and others. There are eight deep water berths for commercial operations, one berth for ferry services and four berths under government use.  


Container Terminal Facilities

The advent of containerization signalled a significant shift in the facility requirements in a Port. Development of Container handling facilities at Port Sultan Qaboos, the first of its kind in the country played vital in the Sultanate's Industrial and Economic prosperity. With the commitment to provide a standard of service on par with the best, the Port is poised to continue its growth and confident to navigate to the future.

The container terminal is the fulcrum of Port Operations at Port Sultan Qaboos and provides it with the flexibility to respond quickly to the dynamics of the market forces and fulfil the aspirations of its discerning customers. Facilities include:

  • On Arrival Berthing  for  Window container vessels.
  • Round-the-Clock Container Operations (24/7).
  • Container Handling Capacity of 350,000 TEUs; Yard Capacity of 14,500 TEUs.
  • Four (4) of 10.9 to 13 metres draft alongside suitable for panamax container vessels.
  • World Class Terminal Operating System with Electronic Information Exchange with Customers - UNEDIFACT / Web Portal / Email.
  • File Documents and Track container / vessel from ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME
  • Reefer facility with round-the-clock temperature monitoring.
  • Free Flowing and Quick Gate Movements.

Port Sultan Qaboos - Harbinger of Containerization in the Sultanate of Oman