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Port Operations

Operational working hours

1. Vessel operation

Container and Non Container Vessel Operations are attended round the clock (24 x 7) basis, subject to ETA of vessel, berthing and working arrangement are finalised in daily agent's meeting.

2. Delivery / Receipt of container / cargo operation on normal working days
  1. Containers >> Till 2300 hrs on normal days and afterwards against prior booking
  2. RORO units >> Till 2300 hrs on normal days and afterwards against prior booking
  3. Conventional cargo >>Till 1500 Hrs on normal days and after1500 hrs against prior booking. Booking request should be submitted before 1300 hrs on respective day.
  4. CFS – LCL cargo >> Till 1900 Hrs on normal working days
  5. Delivery / receipt after normal working hours, without prior booking are subject to availability of resources and attract O.T charges as per tariff.
3. Delivery / Receipt of container / cargo on weekends / holidays

PSC supports delivery / receipt of container / cargo on weekend / public holidays subject to advance booking (at least 1 day prior to expected date of service). Such services attract nominal OT charges as per tariff.

In case of Import Delivery [Container / Cargo/ LCL cargo] OT charges collected from consignee.

Where as in case of export [Container / cargo], Storage Empty OT related charges collects from agent.