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Marine and Harbour Services

Navigational FacilitiesNavigational FacilitiesNavigational FacilitiesNavigational Facilities 

Key Facts
  • ISPS Level-1 Certified Port
  • 24 / 7 Marine Services to ensure Safe and Efficient Vessel Movements
  • In-house Pilotage by Highly Experienced Pilots - on duty and on call (24 /7)
  • Optimum number and type of Tugs for Towage
  • Marine Tower and Customer Service Centre at your disposal; Connected by Radio, Email, Phone;
  • Oil Pollution Control measures readily available.
  • Waste Oil clearance; Garbage Disposal;
  • Availability of Potable Water and Bunkering facilities inside the port;
  • Services associated with Transfer of Security Personnel for Anti-Piracy Operations; Crew Change; 
  • Boat Services to Anchorage Facility;
  • Food stuff & provisions supply either through the Shipchandlers or directly by the vessel agents;
  • Breakwater Total Length: 506 Metres
  • Length of Quay: 2466 Metres
  • Approach Channel:  13 Metres
  • Alongside Draft: 4 to 13 Metres
  • Turning Circle: 390 Metres

Port Sultan Qaboos is an All-Weather port that is fully geared to handle vessels safely, cost effectively and efficiently according to International norms and standards.The port is equipped with the essential navigational aids that enables it to provide a bouquet of Marine Services. Pilotage and Towage Services are performed by Highly Experienced Pilots while utilizing the appropriate number and type of tugs for berthing and unberthing activities at the wharves to ensure the efficient and safe movement of vessels. In addition to the traditional port related marine services, the Port caters to the other essential needs of the vessels calling at the port.

Two tugs fitted with fire fighting equipment and a truck along with fire fighting and pollution control equipment are available. In addition, the services of the fire brigade of Civil Defence Department are available round-the-clock.



We provide tugs for handling wide range of vessels that call the port.

Tugs Number Capacity
Harbour Tugs
32 Bollard Pull with Fire Fighting Facility
Harbout Tugs
30 Bollard Pull 
Harbout Tugs
15 Bollard Pull 

Port Sultan Qaboos - Harbinger of Containerization in the Sultanate of Oman