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Port Services Corporation (S.A.O.G) are the pioneers in operatoring the multipurpose cargo handling facility in Oman. We provide comprehensive range of conventional cargo handling services which includes facilities for handling dry bulk - cement, bitumen, break bulk - project cargoes, heavy lifts, structural steel and timber and liquid cargo - Vegetable Oil, with back up support facilities such as transit sheds, various Cargo handling Equipment. Over the years, the port has earned an excellent reputation in handling  cargoes of various development projects underway in Oman. Customers benefit from excellent deep – water berths up to (13 meter) and supporting facilities for handling different types of cargoes. With the rated capacity for grain discharge of 500 tons per hour, an average of 6,000 tons discharge per day is achievable, it is backed by grain silos of 120,000 tons. 

Key Facts:
  • All Weather Port; Round-the-Clock Cargo Handling Facilities.
  • Deep Drafted Berths with 13m depth alongside; 274,300 sqm Storage Yard capacity.
  • Flourishing Hinterland with excellent road connectivity.
  • Mechanized Grain Handling and Storage Facilities.
  • Trained and highly Motivated Skilled staff for safer, faster and precision operations
  • State-of-the-Art Port Information Management System for Non-Containerized Cargo Handling
Equipment Number Capacity
Mobile cranes
From 12 T to 70 T @ 3 mt radius
Towing tractors
60 T to 100 T
Fork lift Trucks
2.5 T to 25 T
Low bed trailers
20 T to 100 T

Port Sultan Qaboos - Harbinger of Containerization in the Sultanate of Oman