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Port Sultan Qaboos, Oman's premier maritime gateway, enjoys a prime location in the politically stable Sultanate of Oman. Situated in a natural harbour 250 Kilometers south of the Strait of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Port Sultan Qaboos' location makes it an ideal hub, not only for the Arabian Gulf but also the Indian Sub-continent and markets in East and South Africa. The location attractions are

  • Gateway to the Arab Gulf Ports
  • Close proximity to the major shipping routes
  • Saving in Steaming time for ships destined to Gulf Region
  • Regional Hub

Limits of the Port (see chart "Oman 254")

Geo PostionThe Limits of Port Sultan Qaboos are bounded by the following perimeters:

  • From the level of high water springs at a point near Ras Kab at Longitude 58o 33' 12" East due north to Latitude 23o 41' 00" N;
  • Thence due East to Longitude 58o 35' 36" E;
  • Thence due South to Ras Muscat in Jazirat Muscat;
  • Thence in a generally southern direction by the line of high water springs of the Western side of Jazirat Muscat to Pinnacle Rock;
  • The anchorage area between coastline of Oman and Latitude 23o - 53' N and between the Longitude 58o 10" to 58o 38'.5" E;
  • Thence South - West to the Eastern most point of Sirah Al Gharbiyah;
  • Thence by the line of high water springs to the point of commencement.


Vessels approaching from a North or Westerly direction pass North of Fahal Fairway buoy situated in position Latitude 23o 41' 00" N Longitude 58o 33' 12" E. Vessels should also pass 5 cables eastward of the buoy before final approach to Port Sultan Qaboos anchorage or breakwater head for picking up Pilot. In no case they should keep close in to Khowr Muscat entrance or remain waiting in the prohibited anchorage vicinity.


Anchorage Area for Port Sultan Qaboos

Vessels should anchor Northwest of the breakwater within the area enclosed by the following perimeters :

A line extending 060o (T) from Port Sultan Qaboos breakwater.

The western most extremity of Port Sultan Qaboos.

A line extending 325o (T) from Muscat forward leading light after crossing perimeter (1) of "Prohibited Anchorage Area"

All areas described above are clearly defined in the current edition Admiralty Chart No. 3518.

Port Sultan Qaboos – At the Heart of Oman’s Maritime History