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PSQ Port Overview

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Port Sultan Qaboos is Oman’s premier gateway for International Commerce.

Located Strategically

It is located in the Gulf of Oman, at the gate of the Arabian Gulf outside the Straits of Hormuz (just 350 Kilometres south) on the main shipping route of vessels traveling between Africa, Asia and Europe. The location of Port Sultan Qaboos makes it an ideal gateway  to the Gulf Ports; On the path of the mainline routes; Savings in steaming time for ships; ideal for a Regional Hub; Gateway of Arabian Gulf to the International markets, more specifically to the markets in the Indian Subcontinent & Asia, East & South of the African Continent.

It is a natural harbour. Easy access, ample storage space, a spectacular waterfront location and as a full service facility makes the Port the best choice for handling the imports & exports of the Omani market and a transhipment hub for the ever growing traffic between the Arabian Gulf and the International Markets beyond.

Port Services Corporation (S.A.O.G) manages and Operates The Port. This thriving seaport sustains its competitive edge through innovative & progressive policies and known for its path breaking initiatives in Port Operations. Port Sultan Qaboos encompasses 249 acres of land and 6,342 acres of waterfront. It is a multi-cargo and all weather port with 9 berths for commercial operations to handle passengers and cargoes such as automobile, break-bulk, container, dry and liquid bulk, and warehouse facilities that handle millions of Rials worth of cargo each year. Four non-commercial berths under the control of Government for the exclusive use of Royal Squadron, ROP Coast Guard and Royal Oman Navy.

All ships calling PSQ to strictly comply with the requirements of International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code). Port Sultan Qaboos an ISPS certified Port, utilizes the Royal Oman Police (ROP) for public safety & security. In terms of cargo throughput, the Port has consistently grown over the years.

PSQ is the Tourism Gateway to beautiful landscape of Oman. Amidst the backdrop of increased international cruise traffic and excellent cruise terminal with facilities on par with an International Terminal, visit to discover why it was chosen as the Most Improved Cruise Destination by Cruise Insight Magazine.

Complementing its busy port operations with green alternatives, Port Sultan Qaboos remains committed to managing resources and conducting Port developments and operations in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

Port Sultan Qaboos – At the Heart of Oman’s Maritime History